Today, we are proud to combine a team of professional bartenders and hospitality experts to bring you the very best in cocktails and liquid solutions. With an intense passion for perfecting even the smallest of details, our goal is to provide you with flawless service, delivered with our personal and unique creative style.


Our business is created from a love for the beverage and cocktail industries and a demand for our skills. We take great pride in providing award-winning cocktails with creative serves and amazing mobile bars.

From You will be able to choose from a range of packages for your event. However we always work with you to create bespoke services to satisfy your specific requirements.

Our director Clinton Weir holds 5 national and 2 international titles for his cocktail creations and has spent many years designing successful cocktail menus in 18 countries. His list of recipe creations spans across many parts of the industry and he continues to work with venues and brands to create recipes that push sales and keeps people coming back for more.


Whether it’s at the altar or at your dinner table, our Champagne Towers will bring pazzaz with a touch of elegance to your event! Put on a unique show for your guests with the sabrage of the first bottle and Pineapple Jam’s signature pour technique. The sabrage and first pour can even be done by you (with our guidance), to make you the star of the event!

Our Cocktail towers are a mix of class and fun with a large variety of recipes that we can stack on top of each other. There is no limit to what we can do in the build, display and serve of our towers and very happy to work on new ideas and recipes. We are always ready for a challenge and are happy to build bigger towers, they do come with different build requirements.


Pineapple Jam Hospitality offers a large range of creative bartending entertainment for all types of event.

Trained and managed by our head performer, Clinton Weir – himself internationally acknowledged as one of the most creative and innovative flair bartender – our passionate flair bartenders work hard to create shows that are not only unique, but also professionally choreographed to bring that exclusive WOW factor to your event!

Our shows can be custom designed to suit any brand or theme.