Share this exciting experience with your family, friends, colleagues or staff from the comfort of your own home. Your host Clinton Weir is a multiple award winning cocktail & flair bartender and the official cocktail bartender for the Royal Wedding in Buckingham Palace for WIll & Kates wedding. Clintons cocktail studio set up is the most exciting collection of his travels, experiments and vintage collectables, your session will be filled with cocktail knowledge, stories of his amazing career, tips and tricks on your own home bar setup plus learning all the basic bartending techniques. 

Our DIY cocktail packs are filled with Pineapple Jam’s signature ingredients and garnishes with customisable recipes, corporate branding and packaging and personalised note options.

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We send you the ingredients, garnishes and bartender tools for you to join us online and shake, stir, muddle and swizzle your way to being a great home bartender plus enjoying premium ingredients made by us and premium bar tools.

  • Choose from one of our DIY packs sent to your door with out the hassle of shopping for the ingredients.
  • Options from 1 to 3 recipes per box.
  • Add a range of snacks
  • Any groups sizes
  • Streaming link supplied by us or you, we work with all earthly platforms.
  • All you need is ice and glassware.
Pineapple Jam 3 Recipe DIY Cocktail & Snack Pack



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